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Why an SEO audit is necessary when launching your new site

We are often changing our blogs and websites. Whenever you transition over to a new website you need to ensure that you don’t miss anything as this can lead to poor results in the search engines and decrease your rankings if Google and other search engines detect the errors.  If you want to keep all of the assets of your old website as you transition over to a new website, you should consider an SEO audit.

Types of Audits

The basic CEO audit looks at many issues, visibility issues, link issues, content issues, and image issues. These are all of the things that your site is ranked on. It will look at the number of files, the proportion of page errors, how many people are linking to, and other things such as page titles.

The pre-launch CEO audit will look at both the old and the new website. This can be very beneficial it because it can be quite difficult to have an audit on a site that is not yet live. There are no tools that you can use to crawl it when the site is not live.

Why Audits?

You can wait until your website is live to do something such as a post-lunch SEO audit, but you want to catch issues and fix them before the search engines and the audience discovers them on your website. When you do the website audit beforehand this will fix issues before search engines like Bing and Google crawl the website and this can reduce the chances that you get a ranking penalisation. If you have a lot of errors on your website, this can impact the website’s ranking in a negative way and it might be difficult to regain the ranking you once had.

Fix Technical Issues

You want to ensure that there are no technical issues. For example, you want all of your images to work and you want them to be optimised. You want the website to be mobile-friendly. You want to ensure that the website you have now works just as well or better as the website you currently had. Other things to address is the speed that the page loads. If you have a slow at loading page this can impact your page ranking and you may not be able to rank high for the keywords that you want. Google no wants pages to be mobile-friendly so you need to ensure that your pages can be read on mobile devices. This is one of the technical issues you might have to address if your old website was just visible on devices such as laptops.

Content Quality

You need to do an SEO audit to ensure that all of your content is the best that it can be. You also want to ensure that the content that is going on the new site is free of errors. You want the content to have a decent call to action and to be interesting as well as useful to the end user. If you want your charity blog or website to be successful, it’s all good to come down to Content so all of this content and needs to be optimized in the best way possible when you launch your new website.


These are just some of the reasons that you need to have an SEO audit before you launch your new website. You want to ensure that your new website is going to perform better or on par with your old website. The best way to do this is to go through a proper site audit.

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