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Did you know Google search ranks mobile design and content first?

You might be wondering why your website or blog is not getting indexed online. Last year, Google started it to rank the mobile version of websites more than the non-mobile version. This is why it’s very important to have responsive mobile design and great content than it ever was before. If you’re hiding the content on the mobile version of your blog or website compared to your desktop website, you’re going to see a change in your Google ranking.

Why the Change?

The main reason for the change is that there is a larger volume of mobile searches when you compare this to desktop searches. The Google algorithms will begin to use a mobile version of a site’s content for page rank for that site. it will also look at the mobile pages and show page snippets to understand how the data is structured. While the index is going to be built from mobile documents more often, Google is still going to have a great search experience for all users no matter what device they are on.

The Google algorithms will look at the structured data, links, and the content of the mobile version of your website or blog if you have it available. It will no longer just adjust data to make it mobile-friendly so mobile users can see it. If your website or blog is not mobile friendly now, you need to make this change quickly. If you don’t do this, your site may be dropped from the search results altogether.

Making Changes to your Site

If you already have a responsive site where their content is equivalent across the desktop setting and the mobile setting you really don’t have to change anything. If the site configuration is different across mobile devices and desktop devices then you should make some changes. You should have a structured markup for both the mobile version and the desktop version. you can check your structure to mark up across various devices by typing the URLs of both versions of your site into the structure to data testing tool and then view the output. When you add structured data to your mobile site you want to ensure that you don’t add large amounts of markup that really isn’t relevant to the information contained in each one of your documents. You can then use the Google bot robots.txt future to verify that your mobile version is, in fact, accessible by Googlebot.


It’s important to ensure that your website or blog is mobile friendly and that the content is created for both mobile and desktop versions. Make sure your site content can be clearly seen on both desktop and mobile devices if you want the best page rank possible. You can no longer rely on just desktop content as you have to ensure that your website can be seen across mobile devices as Google is giving a mobile content more exposure through its search engine algorithms.

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