Why you should choose WordPress to power your business website

Business Reasons

No licence fees

WordPress is open-source: there are no license fees and all software updates are free for life!

No agency lock

You will never be tied to long contracts and you can change suppliers with ease.

You own your data

Your data will never be locked in a supplier's propriety system. You own all of your data and can walk away with it anytime you want with zero charges for exporting it!

Multiple user roles

WordPress supports multiple user roles out of the box: super admin, admin, editor, author and contributor already come built-in to this powerful platform!

User-friendly and familiar

WordPress is so popular because it's so easy to use. There’s also a minimal learning curve so your staff training costs are minimal too - on top of it, chances are your employees have worked with WordPress before so they will be able to use your site with no training whatsoever!

A powerful tool for content marketing

WordPress is a tool of choice for marketers and publishers. It has built-in state of the art publishing tools such as preview, schedule a post, revisions and much more that will make the life of your editorial team so much easier!

Technical reasons

WordPress SEO

WordPress gives you the best start to score high in search engines, in fact, WordPress is the platform of choice for SEO professionals.


WordPress has a comprehensively peer-reviewed source code. The most security-conscious organisations such as Facebook and Government use WordPress - running exactly the same version as you do!

WordPress REST API

Thanks to its extendability through REST APIs, WordPress can be turned into anything from a full-featured easy-to-use intranet solution to a web-based application.

Unique design

WordPress won’t restrict your vision of your new website nor a designer’s creativity. WordPress is a totally flexible CMS!


Do you need your website to connect to Salesforce, Pardot or MailChimp? What about tracking, membership, user accounts or forums? WordPress has you covered.

Multilingual sites

WordPress makes it easy to build multilingual sites with its WordPress Multisite setup or use of popular translation plugins.

Performance reasons


Whatever your benchmarks are, WordPress is ready to meet them. Need to cater to an international audience? WordPress can hook into your favourite CDN and deliver your content in top speed around the globe.


WordPress has a stable code base, rich infrastructure and continuous development which make it one of the most stable and safe-to-use pieces of software out there.


WordPress scales gracefully, that's why the largest high-traffic sites choose WordPress to serve their content to millions of users every day.

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Reasons people are leaving your website

Reasons People are Leaving your Website

Despite the crystal clear goals, ‘add to basket’, and compelling ‘Buy Now’ buttons, your website miserably failed to generate interest in 59 seconds. What’s happening? Why isn’t your website driving sales? Here are some of the biggest reasons we see from sites having the highest bounce rate.

Slower than a Sloth

If you think people will queue up to buy your products while your super-slow site still loads, you’re completely mistaken. Slow loading website in this fast-moving digital world isn’t a win-win. In fact, poor load time is one of the major reasons behind the increased bounce rate.

Unclear Navigation

Raise your hand if you have a site that is more like a maze? That’s a bad sign. Not only it is bad for your marketing campaigns, but it’s equally bad for your search engine ranking and online visibility as well. So, put yourself in your end user’s shoe and do the revamping.

Not Mobile-Friendly

The world has become mobile-first and so should your website. Not convinced? Well, here’s a stat to chew on: about 68% of the overall traffic to a website is from smartphones and 79% of the users left the page in less than 5 seconds after viewing a single page, if the site did not work on mobile. Make sure the site is responsive.

There Must Be Something Wrong with your Domain Name

You may ask, “What’s in a name?” If you aren’t aware, let us remind you: DOMAIN NAME MATTERS & THE SEARCH ENGINES ARE SMARTER! Things may go wrong if the domain name is overly long, filled with unnecessary characters and keywords, or doesn’t match with the content.

Intimidating Sign-Up Forms

Do you have a scary sign-up form with too many questions? If yes, chances are that your target audiences are going elsewhere. And yes, you can’t blame them for doing negative word-of-mouth marketing in their online communities.

What Should I Do?

If your looking to win back your audience and lower your website's bounce rate speak to us today. We can help overhaul your current website and design a strategy and platform that will help your business rocket!

Top 2018 Ecommerce Trends

The fasts growing segment of global commerce is ecommerce. According to a report from Statista, ecommerce grew to about £2.3 trillion dollars in 2017, and they expect reach £4.5 trillion by 2021. To stay relevant and successful in the ever-expanding world ecommerce, find the trends that will reach your target customers and fit your business models. Here are some great places to start.

Make It Mobile

Estimates suggest that as much as 11% of online shoppers are now using their smart phones. As payment technologies continue to become easier, that number is expected to clime and overtake desk-top checkout in 2018. Stay on top of this trend by making sure that your website is mobile friendly and easy to use. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, upgrade your payment options to allow your customers to use their phones to pay for purchases rather than pulling out their wallets.

A Photo Is Worth £1000

You already know that great photos, and video, are vital to keeping people interested when they’re on your site. Many people think that a nice stock photo will work, but customers know the difference and get turned-off if they can’t see what makes your business special. High-quality images and videos are worth the investment, so go ahead and hire a pro to make your site stand out. It will be more than worth it in the end.

Social Shopping

Social media has become a part of everything we do, and shopping is no different. Not only are people sharing what they’re buying with their friends and followers, but they’re also using social media to find unique and stylish items they’re looking for. Visuals platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to get your products in front of buyers. A quickly growing trend is clicking on an item in Instagram and purchasing it right there in the ap. As this technology becomes more prevalent, you can be sure social media in-app purchases will skyrocket.

Listen to Me

The future is here. With the popularity of voice-activated assistants in homes, the shopping with just the sound of your voice is becoming more common. With 40% of millennials have shopped using their voice and 20% of mobile Google searches done by voice, buy by voice is only going to grow. To make the most of this trend make sure your website (and ap if you have one) are optimized for voice searches. Keep it Simple–It may go without saying, but simple is better when it comes to websites. Flashy is great, but if it takes too long to load, is difficult to navigate, or just plain hard on your eyes people won’t shop. You don’t want to have a customer abandon their shopping cart because your check-out process is too many steps or too complicated. Keep your site simple, clean and easy to use to keep customers coming back.

What works for You

Do your research, know your target audience and embrace the latest in ecommerce. The biggest trend is the one that works for you and your business.

SEO Audit

Why an SEO audit is necessary when launching your new site

We are often changing our blogs and websites. Whenever you transition over to a new website you need to ensure that you don’t miss anything as this can lead to poor results in the search engines and decrease your rankings if Google and other search engines detect the errors.  If you want to keep all of the assets of your old website as you transition over to a new website, you should consider an SEO audit.

Types of Audits

The basic CEO audit looks at many issues, visibility issues, link issues, content issues, and image issues. These are all of the things that your site is ranked on. It will look at the number of files, the proportion of page errors, how many people are linking to, and other things such as page titles.

The pre-launch CEO audit will look at both the old and the new website. This can be very beneficial it because it can be quite difficult to have an audit on a site that is not yet live. There are no tools that you can use to crawl it when the site is not live.

Why Audits?

You can wait until your website is live to do something such as a post-lunch SEO audit, but you want to catch issues and fix them before the search engines and the audience discovers them on your website. When you do the website audit beforehand this will fix issues before search engines like Bing and Google crawl the website and this can reduce the chances that you get a ranking penalisation. If you have a lot of errors on your website, this can impact the website’s ranking in a negative way and it might be difficult to regain the ranking you once had.

Fix Technical Issues

You want to ensure that there are no technical issues. For example, you want all of your images to work and you want them to be optimised. You want the website to be mobile-friendly. You want to ensure that the website you have now works just as well or better as the website you currently had. Other things to address is the speed that the page loads. If you have a slow at loading page this can impact your page ranking and you may not be able to rank high for the keywords that you want. Google no wants pages to be mobile-friendly so you need to ensure that your pages can be read on mobile devices. This is one of the technical issues you might have to address if your old website was just visible on devices such as laptops.

Content Quality

You need to do an SEO audit to ensure that all of your content is the best that it can be. You also want to ensure that the content that is going on the new site is free of errors. You want the content to have a decent call to action and to be interesting as well as useful to the end user. If you want your charity blog or website to be successful, it’s all good to come down to Content so all of this content and needs to be optimized in the best way possible when you launch your new website.


These are just some of the reasons that you need to have an SEO audit before you launch your new website. You want to ensure that your new website is going to perform better or on par with your old website. The best way to do this is to go through a proper site audit.

Google Ranks

Did you know Google search ranks mobile design and content first?

You might be wondering why your website or blog is not getting indexed online. Last year, Google started it to rank the mobile version of websites more than the non-mobile version. This is why it’s very important to have responsive mobile design and great content than it ever was before. If you’re hiding the content on the mobile version of your blog or website compared to your desktop website, you’re going to see a change in your Google ranking.

Why the Change?

The main reason for the change is that there is a larger volume of mobile searches when you compare this to desktop searches. The Google algorithms will begin to use a mobile version of a site’s content for page rank for that site. it will also look at the mobile pages and show page snippets to understand how the data is structured. While the index is going to be built from mobile documents more often, Google is still going to have a great search experience for all users no matter what device they are on.

The Google algorithms will look at the structured data, links, and the content of the mobile version of your website or blog if you have it available. It will no longer just adjust data to make it mobile-friendly so mobile users can see it. If your website or blog is not mobile friendly now, you need to make this change quickly. If you don’t do this, your site may be dropped from the search results altogether.

Making Changes to your Site

If you already have a responsive site where their content is equivalent across the desktop setting and the mobile setting you really don’t have to change anything. If the site configuration is different across mobile devices and desktop devices then you should make some changes. You should have a structured markup for both the mobile version and the desktop version. you can check your structure to mark up across various devices by typing the URLs of both versions of your site into the structure to data testing tool and then view the output. When you add structured data to your mobile site you want to ensure that you don’t add large amounts of markup that really isn’t relevant to the information contained in each one of your documents. You can then use the Google bot robots.txt future to verify that your mobile version is, in fact, accessible by Googlebot.


It’s important to ensure that your website or blog is mobile friendly and that the content is created for both mobile and desktop versions. Make sure your site content can be clearly seen on both desktop and mobile devices if you want the best page rank possible. You can no longer rely on just desktop content as you have to ensure that your website can be seen across mobile devices as Google is giving a mobile content more exposure through its search engine algorithms.

B2B Ecommerce what you need to know

All you need to know about E-commerce for B2B companies

E-commerce web design is important for any business that wants to be successful online. If you own or manage a company, then you may want to create an online presence from which you can expand your sales operations, or promote your business to a new audience.

In either case, it is important that you approach this task carefully. Make sure you are fully aware of the features and considerations that are essential to the process and plan ahead so that you can create a B2B e-commerce site that is as successful as it can be.

Your B2B E-commerce Platform

The definition of e-commerce is broad and includes a number of operations and platforms. If you are interested in creating your own online B2B marketplace then it’s important that you have some understanding of the website creation and maintenance processes.

The design choices you make and the functionality you require will depend on various factors and there are several basic considerations that you should bear in mind:

Industry & Competition

Certain industries require specific online functionality. Knowing what is common amongst your rivals could indicate what kind of e-commerce software and tools you need to implement.

Functionality & Purpose

Is your site a sales tool? Is it for branding? Knowing whether you will be selling directly, or just advertising products and services will impact directly on the design implementations you consider or make. Bear in mind your audience too, as well as the ease with which these functionalities can be implemented.

Design & Appearance

Website design is overlooked far too often, with many owners or managers assuming that a site will look fine without any planning. This is rarely the case. If you have a logo already, or some sort of company branding, then it’s likely you will want to use them, but you need to make sure it is done properly, in a way that does not ruin the quality of your B2B platform.


Once you have a complete site you need to maintain it and promote. There is a chance that your website will perform well just off the back of the initial publish, but more often than not you will need to put in the further marketing effort. SEO is essential, and things like email marketing can be the difference between successful months and bad ones.

A Unique B2B E-commerce Platform

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that a completely unique website that works in a completely different way to any other will be a success story. If you are planning on creating one of these unique sites, think about it again. Ask yourself why no one else has done it.

Standing out in a busy marketplace is always great if you can do it, but trying out unique, untested methods is probably not the best way to go.

If all of your competitors share a certain functionality or design feature, then the chances are that you should too – it’s rarely a coincidence when the same design idea appears across a range of sites. Indeed, this usually indicates that that feature works – take this to be best practice and reuse this feature and functionality on your own B2B platform.

Maintaining a B2B Marketplace

Website maintenance requires several services and features, which are present regardless of whether you work in B2B or B2C. Something like website hosting, for example, is utterly essential to the success and day-to-day running of your site – indeed, without a sufficient hosting service, your site will not function at all.

Aside from the essential services, there are several other tools and features that you will require to bear in mind.

Shopping Cart Software

If you are selling products or services over your site, then you need a function or system to facilitate sales.

Transaction Services

Having a way for your customers to pay is obviously vital. There are some ways to set these up using companies like PayPal and Google, but this won’t always be suitable. Looking into your payment gateway options is the best way to ensure a successful transaction process is implemented.

Problem Solving and Content Creation

If you don’t know much about web maintenance, then it may be worth keeping a web designer or agency handy to help out if things go wrong. Sometimes your site will be struck by a problem that isn’t easy to fix, and in these situations, you will want professional help. Likewise, if you want content or functionality implemented after the initial design and publish, then you may need to look for help from professionals. It’s not always necessary to have someone working for you full time, but it is worth remembering that, on some occasions, you might need to get help from trained experts. At Prozack, we offer all our clients support and maintenance packages that meet their requirements and budget. If your looking to create a new e-commerce platform for your business, chat with us today and see how we can help.